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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Welcome to Beautifull India and Asia

Dear Guest,

Welcome to Beautifull India and Asia

I Er Sindhu Kuppanda [ BE ] International Travel Consultant  is here to take you to the 
journey of INDIA. Its my birth place. I have felt the essence 
of it in these years and i am here to make you feel experience the same.

I have been into Travel and Tourism Industry sice a quite long time and now I am
in United State. I would love to help you to visit India.
My work as International Travel Consultant are primarily responsible for providing info about India and Asia to International guests, who wish to visit My India / Asia. Your travel
arrangements may be for a honeymoon, a family vacation, 
or business trip and need to be dealt and executed in its 
own unique way. From me you can  expect an  advice 
of all the necessary information related to the destination 
and also to offer transportation and Accommodation recommendations.

I would love to give you a wealth of updated information. 
Important data such as expected weather conditions, travel advisories, 
and documentation requirements should be part of the information 
provided to the Guests. 

My Hobbies are exploring new places, 
knowing different cultures, Drawing, 
Reading, Dancing, exercising/yoga, 
cooking, watching travel related programmes, 
and learning new things.

Again Welcome to Gods own country with 365 days Holidays


Er Sindhu Kuppanda [ BE ]   
International Travel Consultant

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